Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Solar Power Panels For Camping

Solar Power Panels For Camping
The Solio is the best solar charger we have found for backpackers. There are lots of Solar Chargers but the solio is so compact and lite there is really no comparison.
Award-winning, compact and versatile - Solio stores power from the sun or socket; freeing you to recharge your mobile phone, iPod and other handheld devices anywhere, anytime. A fully charged Solio will recharge the average phone up to two times, or give you up to 15 hours of MP3 music. Solio's intelligent internal circuitry and Adapter Tip System lets you charge devices at about the same rate as their dedicated wall chargers. Solio generates free and clean energy immediately. Replacing your wall and car chargers with Solio reduces your ecological footprint. Solio key features o High capacity internal battery stores energy for up to a yearo Adapter Tip System reduces waste and increases compatibility Rechargeable from the wall or the suno One hour of sun = 15 mins talk time or 40 mins of MP3 music Durable and weather resistant Elegant, ergonomic design Light weight and easy to use Comes with a One Year Warranty. 10% off all Solio Products. Use coupon code GoGreen2008

Tent Camping Tip Tyvek as a Ground Cloth

By far the best Tent Camping Tip I can give anyone is Tyvek. This versatile protective material is durable, water proof, wind proof and extremely strong and lite weight. Tyvek can be used as a ground cloth, Shelter or emergency sleeping bag or rain poncho. This material only comes in 100 foot rolls from Home Depot and home improvement centers, BUT you can find it on eBay for under $2.00 for a 1 foot by 10 foot cut to your desired length. With a $2.00 bag of grommets you can have light weight multi purpose piece of tent camping gear for under $20.00.
Look for more Tent Camping Tips to come.

Mountain Hardwear EV2 Expedition Tent

The Future Of Tent Construction
Been To The 7 Summits And Back
The Mountain Hardwear EV2 is a four season tent that will protect you from the elements and the worst of the worst weather. Mountain Hardwear Tents have survived Mt Everest with many expedition companies like Alpine Accents

EV 2
Designed to Ed Viesturs' specifications for a compact, light, strong, two-person tent, the EV2™ is purposefully designed for the rigors of high altitude expeditions. EV2’s trim design fits on ledges, and its clip set-up aids high-wind pitches. VX02 fabric - a lightweight, strong, non-stretch laminate - stabilizes and strengthens when pitched, and Atlas Scandium XL poles add sturdiness while shaving weight. Interior zip and built in ventilation help frost management while integrated vestibule provides protection from the elements.